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Our Story

About Duncan

Back in 1981, I was born into my family home and my protective German Shepherd, Rika. We had a pack of German Shepherds that I was a part of (see embarrassing childhood below!) .

While other kids might have been out biking or skating, I was running with the dogs.

As I grew up, I was never too far from animals, even when my family moved to Singapore, I rescued cats and dogs and found myself doing keeper days in the zoo whenever I could. When we eventually came back to the UK and rescued two more German Shepherds, only then did it feel like home.

Later in life I decided to go travelling and explore the world. For a time I lived in Spain, and there I managed to find my princess, my French bulldog Pascha (Princess Tasha...). She was my home away from home, she came absolutely everywhere with me, everyone around the town of knew who she was more than they knew me!

After a few years of tearing up the Spanish coast, Pascha and I went to Egypt, where once again, she was the centre of attention with people either scared of her or intrigued by her little face.

Coming back home to the UK was up there with the most ridiculous journey any dog has taken! First, I couldn’t get her on the plane, we were stopped by customs and even though she had a seat booked, they told me she was going in with the suitcases - there was no way I was going to let that happen.

I had to find another way home.

We went to Italy, and I couldn’t get her home. We went to a little village not far from the airport where they were having this ridiculous festival. There were no trains for two weeks. The only option was to rent a car and drive to Calais. We got in the car and drove through 2 countries to get home.

At Calais, I couldn’t get her on the boat with my hire car (which I had no way of getting back to Italy either...) Eventually a bus came screeching through with a bloke shouting “I’ve got your dog! Get on!”

I didn’t think – I just threw my suitcases on, saw Pascha waiting and jumped on the bus, we were through, on the ferry and on our way home.

Building A Business With Dogs

I started my working life with dogs as a dog walker, with nothing but a few flyers to get my name out there. All I did was ask if I could walk stranger’s dogs around Wimbledon park! I was walking dogs from 6AM until 8PM, then working in a pub by night.

In time, the day care grew, and it wasn’t too long until I had 20 dogs in my little flat. We had to get more space. After a short stint in a bigger home nearby, Jess and I found our forever home in Cobham, Surrey – where Duncan’s Doggy Daycare lives with 20+ devoted staff, a grooming centre, a puppy behaviour centre and our family.

Below you can see one of our wonderful staff, Michelle, and a handful of our daily charges.

Today, we look after hundreds of dogs every month, but it’s not enough – there are millions of dogs that we want to nurture and make better lives for, and our food is how we do it. 

"We’ve created Duncan’s Deli because we believe there’s a problem with dog food and dog nutrition that needs to be corrected."

We’re a family business, not some big corporate company, we work from our family home that we share with our fantastic staff and over 100 dogs, 7 days a week.

We’re here to change the lives of every single dog and owner who will let us.

What's Different About Us?

Our food is exclusively made from whole foods, prepared properly, and cooked at 90 degrees to retain all the great nutrients needed.

Having seen first hand the link between proper nutrition and canine health and seeing some of the questionable products on the market, we were inspired to create something that worked.

Many behavioural issues in dogs are linked with poor nutrition received from additive packed, nutrient lacking, grain-based foods. We have rigorously tested and tweaked our 100% grain free dry food formula to create the perfect recipe for calmer, happier dogs.

All our recipes have been carefully devised to compliment the average dogs lifestyle - whether urban or country.

Soon, we’ll be launching our campaign for all dog food companies to state exactly which type of meat is in their dog food. We want to rid the world of lopw quality, rendered animal by-product, meat meal.

You know that old phrase “I wouldn’t feed that to my dog.”? You would be amazed what you ARE feeding your dog every morning and evening if you buy low quality kibble! 

But don't just take out word for it. Our home page is packed with testimonials from happy customers whose happy dogs are our loyal customers. Better yet, why not order a bag yourself and see how much your dog loves it!

Our Values

  • Simplicity - Dog food shouldn't be over complicated or fussy. Nor are we!
  • Quality - Better ingredients, better recipes, better preperation, better delivery, better care = happier dogs & happier owners
  • Honesty - Your dog wouldn't lie to you - neither will we. We believe in everything we create and everything we do.
  • Loyalty - We’ve worked hard to get where we are, surrounded by family, friends and people who work with us to look after all our four-legged friends, we’re loyal to our customers who continue to support our ideals.

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