Whole Foods From Duncans Deli A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog




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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

We can safely say the food has been a resounding success...

"...Henry has also learnt to tell the time, at 5.45 on the dot every day he will basically sit on my feet and stare at me until I give him his dinner!  Then as soon as I move he scoots to his bowl and stands over it until I fill it. He's never normally that excited about dry kibble!!  So i'd say he likes it ;)" Henry's Mum

I don't think I have ever seen Tiggy so excited about any other dog food...

"...and she even ate a whole bowl for breakfast, whereas normally she is a very picky eater and won't eat anything until at least 5pm! She's got a really really sensitive westie stomach too and has had absolutely no problems with the food either which is something of a miracle!" Tiggy's Mum

Our pup absolutely loves her Duncans Deli...

"...she literally wont eat any other food. She is very energetic pup and requires a lot food, we found that Duncans Deli food gives her enough energy to run around all day. We have been exclusively buying this food since it was introduced and our pups coat and teeth are in great condition. We will definitely continue buying this food and cant wait for new flavours" Willow's Mum

Ivy loves her kibble. She eats it like it's just a bowl of treats...

...It obviously tastes scrumptious and she has no allergic reaction to it either which is the main reason we tried it! All in all I think the Duncans Deli kibble is gold dust and it's really nice to know that it's from a trustworthy source and doesn't contain any potential hidden nasties." Ivy's Mum